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  • 中國家裝家居網
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    AMBER ROAD實現建筑、藝術和舒適的完美結合
    發布時間:2019/2/27 10:34:23   來源:AMBER ROAD   編輯:中國家裝家居網

      如果有一種方法來描述AMBER ROAD的工作方式,那就是無所畏懼。2019年很高興有這些才華橫溢的同事與我們肩并肩。開啟一個很棒的項目 - 一個20世紀60年代的住宅改造,,最初由Payne & Hunt Architects設計。

      If there’s one way to describe the work of Sydney-based Amber Road, it would have to be fearless. I’m so happy to have these talented ladies back on our pages to kick off our 2019 editorial programme (hooray!) with yet another stellar project – a complete transformation of a 1960s house, initially designed by Payne & Hunt Architects.


      Located in Sydney’s beachside suburb of Cronulla, this previously dysfunctional split storey, two-bedroom, two-bathroom dwelling was transformed into an artful home, now with three bedrooms, three baths, and a generous indoor/ outdoor retreat space.

      Polychrome House傳統的磚砌內飾已經成為一個充滿活力的象征,反映了主人對快樂生活的向往。這個占地200平方米的住宅打破了許多規則,代表了室內建筑師,藝術家和客戶之間的緊密合作,從而實現了建筑,藝術和舒適的完美結合。

      Nicknamed the Polychrome House, the once conventional brick interior has blossomed into an energetic design playground as a reflection of the owner’s commitment to joyful living. The 200-square-metre home breaks many rules, representing a fluid collaboration between Interior Architect, Artist and Client that’s resulted in a perfect marriage of architecture, art and comfort.

      Amber Road與LYMESMITH合作,LYMESMITH設計了令人驚嘆的兩面壁畫和整個內飾中的所有油漆顏色。豐富的色彩搭配藝術品和家具,以意想不到的方式相互影響。作為一個崇尚色彩的人,這些令人興奮和獨特的組合確實讓人心跳加快。 如此多的規則被打破并重新設計成一種新的視覺效果,以便展現如此美妙的色彩。

      Amber Road collaborated with LYMESMITH, who devised the stunning two wall murals and all paint colours found throughout the interior. The adventurous palette responds to the artwork and furniture, with tones playing off one another in unexpected ways. As someone who’s deeply committed to the idea of colour, these exciting and unique combinations really get my heart rate going. So many rules are broken and reworked into a new visual response that celebrates colour so beautifully.


      In place of the typical entertainment wall, the existing hearth was substituted with a vintage-style fireplace surrounded by one of the colourful murals. The artwork, inspired by aerial photographs of the property’s location, replaces the typical TV wall, and its angular forms perfectly complement the new paving.

      Amber Road拆除現有的后院與上面的樓層重新齊平。廚房搬到了一樓,樓下的起居活空間延伸到了美麗的花園。地板的大膽配色地板連接內部和外部區域。令人難以置信的設計元素,加上所有色彩繽紛的磚墻,體現Amber Road事務所對設計創新。

      The key planning move by Amber Road saw the removal of the existing rear façade, which was realigned with the storey above. The upstairs kitchen was relocated to the ground floor, and the entire downstairs living space was extended into the beautiful established garden. A bold, crazy paving floor connects inside and outside areas. This incredibly bold design element, when coupled with all the brick walls and a multitude of brave colours, just shouldn’t work. But somehow it just does, and therein lies the Amber Road genius.


      A suite of ‘quiet’ colours is introduced as a base palette, working in harmony with the existing face brick tones. A secondary palette plays a more active role, as seen in the yellow tinted open-pantry joinery, blue integrated fridge cabinets and terracotta backdrop to the kitchen.


      Mushroom pink carpet covered stair leads upstairs, where new white cork tiles replace shag pile floors. A third guest bedroom, loft with study and an ensuite replace the space once occupied by a kitchen.


      Back downstairs, the master bedroom and ensuite are separated with colourful timber dowels, emphasising the notion of open plan living. In the living and dining space, classic furniture pieces are selected to complement the original build from the sixties.


      The final result is generous, playful and welcoming ‘shelter for living’ set within the Australian landscape, which firmly rejects design based on bland notions of resale value. Hallelujah!

      YASMINE GHONIEM & KATY SVALBEAmber Road是一個悉尼設計公司,致力于創造靈感和獨特內外空間,無論大小。

      Amber Road is a Sydney based design collective dedicated to making inspiring & uniqueinside and outside spaces, large and small.

      我們設計類型含括城市公園到美麗的定制燈以及介于兩者之間的所有設施。我們的目標是創造真正反映客戶價值觀的場所和產品。 不是撿現成的或陳詞濫調的設計 - 是基于強大的基礎建立的考慮,大膽的概念和巧妙的細節。

      We have designed everything from an entire urban park precinct, to a beautiful bespoke lamp, and everything in between. Always, our aim is to create places and objects that truly reflect our client’s values. Not for us the world of ‘off the shelf’ or clichéd – we are about considered, bold concepts and clever detailing, built on robust foundations.

      名字由來,Amber Road是一條古老的貿易路線,從波羅的海地區運送珍貴的樹脂寶石琥珀到北非。凱蒂的父親是拉脫維亞人,而亞絲明是埃及人,所以我們選擇了“Amber Road”來連接我們之間,同時也暗示了我們對旅行和冒險的熱愛。

      Why the name?Amber Road is the name of an ancient trade route along which the treasured resin gemstone Amber was transported, from the Baltic region to Northern Africa. Co-director Katys father is Latvian and Yasmines Egyptian, so we chose Amber Road to connect our separate, yet shared heritages, while also hinting at our shared love of travel and adventure.

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